Pin of the Week: How to Travel in Europe for Three Weeks

[REPOST from March ’13 when I was first accepted to study abroad! How the time flies. #tbt]


This week’s topic: How to Travel in Europe for Three Weeks

Spring break 2013 allowed for plenty of time for browsing Pinterest and in celebration of people getting accepted to study abroad programs, this week’s Pin of the Week is “How to Travel in Europe for Three Weeks”. Although you may be traveling for more than three weeks in somewhere other than Europe, this blog post I repinned from fellow PRSSA blogger Katie Lofblad offers great tips for traveling on a tight budget.

Top Tips for Traveling:

  • Pack Light– Trade traditional suitcases for bigger backpacks designed to maximize space.
  • Pack Smart– Bring only things you can mix and match. You will go shopping!
  • Research– Sure traveling abroad is supposed to have some spontaneity, but you’ll definitely appreciate knowing where you need to go when you need to go there.
  • Spend Money Well– Do a little price hunting so you won’t feel like you have to skip out on any sites on your Bucket List. The experiences will be worth having one less croissant or another London snow globe.
  • Best Souvenir: photos– Save money and use your own photos to make postcards instead of buying them!
  • Embrace Culture– Know some basic phrases in the native language and make an effort to understand and appreciate the local culture. You’ll get so much more out of the trip!
  • Write Everything Down– Whether you make a blog or keep a private journal, take a little time every day or week to write down the places you go, people you meet, and new foods you try.
  • Give Yourself Free Time– Don’t forget that some of life’s greatest moments are the ones we don’t plan for. Don’t be afraid to give yourself the afternoon off and explore a new place or have a relaxing picnic people watching.

If that doesn’t get you even more excited to travel abroad I don’t know what will. As long as you stay open to new experiences and are willing to try new things and stick to some of these tips, I’m sure you’ll have the semester or vacation of a lifetime!

Don’t forget to check out other posts on Steph’s travels blog to learn more tips for traveling abroad.

What are some of your packing/ traveling tips? Let me know in the comments!


We Can’t Stop (Crafting)

Although we live 7 hours apart for nine months of the year, and 7 minutes apart for the other three, my best friend Sam and I can spend hours together running errands, sharing recipes, and trading stories without skipping a beat.

Today we went on another one of our marathon adventures, with an agenda that brought us to Forever 21, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and pretty much everything in between.

We made some quick lunch, then some not-so-quick-but-oh-so-yummy vegan brownies and got to work. Sam ended up making these AH-DORABLE  Lilly Pulitzer picture frames and coasters for her Ohio apartment, while I set out to make this string art I saw on Pinterest (shocker).

A long time and some sore fingers later, I had completed my project! They say home is where the heart is, so obviously I left my heart in Syracuse.

photo 1

I also put together a collage of my favorite inspirational Mary Engelbreit sketches from an old daily calendar. I definitely recommend keeping calendar pages for use in future crafts!

photo 2My favorite is the top-most left one, “There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going“. So true.

I ended the day with a nice walk around town with my mom, and a brownie with some raspberries while I watched Pretty Little Liars. They even mentioned Syracuse in the first minute of the show! #cusenation.

photo 3

Have YOU tried any cool crafts recently? Share them below! I’m always looking for inspiration.

Pin of the Week: Blogging Tips and Advice


So we know that Pinterest is great for finding yummy recipes, new workout routines, unique fashion inspiration and DIY projects galore, but did you ever consider using it to find tips about blogging? Well, check out “Inspire Me Heather” for a collection of links to great tips and advice about how to improve your blog.

If you already have a blog, use these tips to grow your following and improve your reach. If not, it’s really easy to set one up and consult these articles if you’re struggling to get started. Blogs are a great way to share your thoughts and opinions and compile information about a topic that interests YOU and maybe even a few other people online. Happy blogging!