#OurConvention 2018: Boston Forward | Part I

This week, I attended City Awake's 4th Annual Our Convention: Boston Forward, a half-day conference for next-generation leaders and the largest gathering of young professionals in Greater Boston. It was an empowering and exciting afternoon, and definitely beat my typical Monday! Boston is home to the largest proportion of young adults of any other U.S. …

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Just Keep… Running?

There are a few things in life that I absolutely love. Three of them are Syracuse University, metaphors, and hearing people speak passionately about something they believe in. I found all these things in Kathrine Switzer's commencement speech for the Syracuse University Class of 2018. At my own commencement ceremony in 2015, I was too …

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Reading List

Recently, I decided to read more books about people, places, and things that are unfamiliar to me. As someone who has consistently reached for the predictable romance novel or the mysterious thriller, I'm looking to expand my horizons. Reflecting back, I think this reinvigorated enthusiasm for reading has stemmed from a few different things: First, …

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