Prior Knowledge


My name is Melanie Prior.

I’m a public relations professional working in Boston and living in Cambridge, MA.

But more importantly, I’m a person who’s excited by life and hoping to experience as much of it as I possibly can. I’m deep, whether that means deep in thought, deep in a book or article, or deep in a plate of delicious food on any given day.

My passions include travel, history, arts & entertainment, food, technology and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I love to learn about new people, places, things and ideas – so let’s connect!

Everything posted on this blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or its clients.

5 thoughts on “Prior Knowledge

  1. Hey, wanted to give you a shoutout that I love your passion and what you’re doing. Your writing is entertaining and useful. It’s always pleasant to find other students putting in the most effort they can into what they love.

  2. Amanda

    I will take the fact that you actually went to Granada and LOVED it, and are LIVING in Spain as time well spent in class when everyone knew they could get me to forego a grammar lesson to tell you all about my home away from home…..I am LOVING your blog–and SO JEALOUS of your beautiful adventures!

    1. You were my favorite Spanish teacher and a huge inspiration for me to study abroad! I’m so happy you are loving my blog. Let’s catch up when I am home in December, I will definitely want to talk in Spanish and about Spain 🙂

  3. So pleased you enjoyed ‘mi pueblo’ (London) and also Spain, where I also now live and work. I wonder if you’d like a complimentary copy of my memories from teaching in España. The blurb is here: let me know and I’ll send you a no obligation Amazon voucher. All I’ll need is your email and preferred currency.
    Un saludo,
    Jeremy Dean

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