You’re Invited: Thanksgiving Dinner

friends-the-one-with-the-late-thanksgivingIf you read my last blog post, you know I love my metaphors. If you know me, you may know that my favorite metaphor for life is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner (super timely, I know – it’s like I planned it). Stay with me on this one:

Imagine you’re hosting a tasteful, festive, and fun Thanksgiving dinner. The kind where you get dressed up, eat from the good plates and force everyone to go around the table and say what they’re thankful for – and they have to give a real answer. The menu and music selection is important (obviously), but as Kate Spade will tell you, the most important part of a party is the guest list. While you may have dozens of people you want to invite, what really makes the party is who shows up, and how they act when they do. In my experience, there are several types of guests you could have at your dinner:

There are some people who RSVP right away, and don’t cancel at the last minute because they’re too tired.

There are some people who bring a homemade dessert or a side dish they actually had to cook.

There are some people who bring (extra) bottles of wine, and make sure your glass is full all night.

There are some people who show up early to help set up, or stay late to help clean up.

There are some people who tell funny stories, ask meaningful questions, and make sure you and every other guest feels welcome and included the conversation.

There are some people from your office, some from your college, some from your childhood, and some from that new club you joined just because you wanted to make friends. If you’re as lucky as me, there may even be some from your family, too.


… there are some people who bring paper plates (seriously!?) …

… there are some people who don’t say thank you for hosting or offer to help …

… there are some people who make everyone else feel bad about having two (or more) slices of pie …

… there are some people who you felt obligated to invite, but regretted it once they showed up …

… there are some people who you wish could be there, but distance, timing, or the fact that you lost touch make it impossible…

Over the past few years, the list of people I would invite to my Thanksgiving dinner has changed a lot. Some of those decisions I made consciously, some of those decisions were made for me. There are some people that make the list some years, and some years they don’t. There are some people I’ve invited every year, but they never return the favor. There are some people who I keep wishing will show up and surprise me, but maybe next year…

Thanksgiving dinner to me, could be anything to you. The point is, fill your life with people that excite you, care for you, value you, listen to you, make you laugh, pour you wine, feed you dessert, and help you have the best time no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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