Any Questions?

Questions about abroad answered in questions about abroad.

How was abroad?

You really expect me to answer that in one sentence, let alone one word?

What was your favorite city?

Which is your favorite child?

What did you think of the weather?

How would YOU enjoy 4 months of sunshine, warm weather and the clearest blue skies known to man? (With the exception of the rainy weekend in Paris, but would that bother YOU?)

How was your host family?

How would you describe the woman who cooked for you, did your laundry, opened her home and served as a source of comic relief and mother/grandmother figure while your real family was 3,397 miles away? How do you describe a bond that was forged through sharing photographs after dinner and stories about travel without so much as a word in English? How do you think I feel knowing I may never see her again?

Are you fluent now?

How do you convey to someone who has never lived it that being “Spanish” (even for just a few months) isn’t just knowing the language? Being “fluent” may mean you can communicate effectively through words, but do you realize that being a “Madrileña” is about embracing the lifestyle? That being passionate, spirited, outspoken, majestic, self-confident, and willing to learn from and share what you know with others is only the tip of the iceberg?

Did you “study” at all?

I think I studied a total of four hours the entire semester, isn’t it crazy that I actually RAISED my GPA? Has anyone ever told you that learning also takes place outside the classroom?

Are you happy to be home?/ Did you miss your family?

Yes, of course I am happy to be home and I missed my family, but would I go back in a heartbeat?

Yes, that’s not even a question.

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