The Abroad Guide

“Weren’t you that guy on The Abroad Guide: Awesome Study Abroad Blogs?”

Yes! I am that guy. [laughs] How kind of you to notice.”



In all seriousness, I have some cool news! First, before I began my wonderful adventure studying abroad in Madrid, I was scared out of my wits researching what to pack for your semester abroad, what to expect from a home stay experience, and maybe even how to make your friends jealous with an awesome travel blog… I found The Abroad Guide on Twitter first, and it really helped me get more excited about my semester ahead.


After my trip to Lagos, Portugal, I tweeted at The Abroad Guide to share my post. I wasn’t really expecting much of a response, but a couple days later the Creator and Editor Jessica Dante commented on this blog, and asked if she could use one of the photos from Lagos for some stickers to hand out at study abroad events. I sold my soul said sure why not, and this is how they came out!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.15.19 PM


Jess and I continued to correspond over email (she loves my blog, I love hers) and she asked to feature me on the new series of Awesome Study Abroad Blogs. How could I object?! I answered some questions (which you can read here) about where I have traveled and the most exciting things I’ve done so far, and it was published on the website. So exciting. I didn’t realize so many people were reading this blog and enjoying it so much! I got a lot of great feedback from my friends and family, so I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU & GRACIAS for following along with me on all my adventures.


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