Real (Actual) Madrid Weekend

Since we are all traveling so much throughout the semester, it’s important to remember to get to know your host city too. Special thanks to my friends who have sent me lists of things to do in Madrid. I’m working through them and making my own as well!


Here’s a rundown of our real Madrid weekend:


  • Saw “Place Beyond the Pines” in a Spanish movie theater. It was in English but with Spanish subtitles. Not exactly a jarring cultural experience, but rest assured, Ryan Gosling looks just as good in Spain.


  • Day trip through SU Madrid to Segovia where we saw an original Roman aqueduct, did a walking tour of the city, toured more towers and castles, and tried the famous Segovian dessert Ponche (marzipan cake). So many flavors. It took about a minute and a half to experience them all, but 100% delicious.


IMG_0267 IMG_0277 IMG_0286 IMG_0294 IMG_0310 IMG_0311

  • At night we went to El Tigre, which has really cheap drinks and gives HUGE plates of FREE tapas. Definitely one of my favorite bars in Madrid. Then we went to the club Joy and I had a conversation with someone completely in Spanish! Anna and I took the bus home around 4 am cause it’s fo freeeee.


  • Ate Chipotle-style burritos at Tierra with Scott, Rhiann, Miriam, Hannah and Anna.
  • Took a gondola ride over the city (Hi Hannah).

IMG_3151 IMG_3157

  • Discovered Egyptian ruins with a super sketchy guy inside at a park.


  • Saw (3 minutes of) rain for the first time in over a month. Too much for the umbrella apparently though…

IMG_3167 IMG_3175

  • Explored more of our beautiful city!


  • Siesta and tv catch-up time with Anna.
  • Dinner with Emi.
  • Watched the Real Madrid vs. Atlético de Madrid futbol game in a packed MARCA Sports Café.
  • Churros & chocolate at the famous Chocolatería San Gines (since 1894) to end the night.


  • Spent the day at El Rastro, the giant weekly flea market at the La Latina metro stop. So much to see.
  • Bought my first pair of Spanish shoes! 8 Euro for a pair of little red sporty sneakers. I’m practically a local.
  • Tapas for lunch at the Mercado De San Miguel. This time I tried a homemade chocolate truffle, burrata (whipped mozzarella and cream), and pesto pizza with tomato. YUM.

Had to reload my monthly metro card today. I can’t believe it’s already been a month in Madrid. Time is flying by too fast!

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