Stay Classy

Ok, fun’s over adjusted. Classes are in full swing!

Here’s a breakdown of the studying that comes with “study” abroad:

Imperium Seminar- 3 credits

Aside from galavanting around Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla and Lisbon, I was also learning! Shocking, I know. We had class sections and readings with questions to complete during the 11-day traveling seminar culminating in a final exam we took last Wednesday. I think I did well. Best & easiest three credits I’ve earned yet. I made friends with some cool new people, had some entertaining guides (José works at school!!) and got to tour the country I am now calling home.

Spanish 102- 4 credits

Confession: I didn’t try as hard as I could have on the Spanish placement exam last April… I took Spanish for 4 1/2 years in middle and high school and only didn’t take AP so I could march in Disney World with the band. Definitely a better life decision, but still. I had some really great Spanish teachers back then, and when I got here I remembered MUCH more than I expected, but it’s still great (and necessary) to review. I’m really happy to be learning and practicing Spanish again, and it makes communicating with my host mom Emi significantly easier. Also the fact that this class starts at 10:30 am as opposed to 9 am isn’t a bad tradeoff either…

Managing in a Global Setting- 3 credits

Not all business majors are able to take this class abroad, so I definitely got lucky that I’ll still be on track when I go back to ‘Cuse. My teacher has a really heavy accent and an hour and a half lecture is pretty tough to get through, but I’m surviving. Talk about globalization and international business strategies is much more interesting from an actual abroad perspective, and there isn’t much work, so for now I’ll say it’s going well.

Marketing in Spain & U.S. – 3 credits

Since I’m a marketing major, I’m also staying on track (Yay me) by taking one of my required marketing electives abroad. So far I’m enjoying this class, and I think my name is the only one the teacher knows how to pronounce because he will randomly ask my opinion in class, and then looks surprised when I raise my hand when he calls it during attendance… Oh well. The upside is that I am really enjoying the content, and I don’t mind sharing my opinion or asking questions. Marketing is a lot of critical thinking at its core, and  taking more classes is making me even more excited to join the business world someday!

Arts in Spain – 3 credits

This is the class I was most excited to take! Being a business student and dual major means that between finance, accounting, supply, chain and media/journalism classes, I never get to take fun classes. I’m only human, so some classes tend to run longer than my attention span, but overall I am certainly enjoying analyzing art and sculpture over time. Analyzing art also comes with a critical thinking element, and it’s refreshing to jump back into a creative mindset. We even get to have class in the Prado, which is one of the most famous art museums in the world! My teacher is super enthusiastic and sweet, and I’m really enjoying this cultural experience. I even started reading The Da Vinci Code the same day we started our DaVinci unit, so here’s to more learning outside the classroom.


Overall, this is the lightest course load I’ve even taken and probably will ever take in college. I like all of my classes, and love reminding myself that learning happens every day, everywhere you go. 

One thought on “Stay Classy

  1. Hey Mel! Just wanted to know if you have an email address that I can contact you at. I run a study abroad blog and have a question about one of your awesome photos! If you don’t want to leave your email on here, just shoot me an email at info (at) theabroadguide (dot) com. Thanks 🙂

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