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Song of the Semester (So far): 

Currently: 7:16 pm, Sunday. I’m sitting in bed, listening to Michelle Branch and relaxing. I just finished watching Pretty Little Liars and will probably go for a run with Anna later, even though we have had QUITE the busy past few days. We got to Madrid on Thursday, had orientation on Friday, and then went to this club called Joy on Friday night. After getting lost for 25 minutes trying to find the school building, we made it to our orientation for SU Madrid. It was great to see everyone from all the different seminars, and it was good seeing my Imperium friends, even our awesome trip guide Jose Luis. The first night apart from Imperium people was a little strange, since we’ve been traveling together 24/7 for the past few weeks. However, I am pretty excited for classes to start! (Was that convincing enough for ya, Dad?)

Rhiann, me, Jose, Allison, Rachel
Rhiann, me, Jose, Allison, Rachel

The school has set up some really cool deals for us, and there are classes and day trips and discounts for us for virtually any activity you could possibly want! It was a little surprising to hear that there wouldn’t be any wifi in the academic building, only the computer lab, but I think we will adjust ok. Transitioning away from a smartphone is difficult, but I think not being able to connect so easily will allow me to rely more on myself and get immersed in life in Madrid. (Was that convincing enough for ya, Mom?)

After orientation, we grabbed some lunch and then headed back to our apartment. The language barrier with our host mom is a little challenging, especially since she speaks so fast. She is a great cook, and her paintings are all over the house which is pretty awesome. It will get a lot better when we start our Spanish classes tomorrow, but she did tell us that the best way to learn the language is to get a Spanish novio. I’ll keep that in mind.

Anna in the living room
Anna in the living room


IMG_2857We went out around 11pm Friday night (super early for Spaniards) and met up with most of the SU Madrid students at some point between a Chupiteria, Dubliner’s Irish Pub, and Joy discoteca. We got in for free thanks to a student on the trip who is working as a promoter this semester, and had a ton of fun in this club that was converted from an old theater. The metro took a little bit to get the hang of because there is some construction on our line, but at 4:30 am when we went home, we took a cab with Bria (our host moms are friends!).




The next day, we took a walking tour of Plaza Mayor with one of the SU professors, and then hung around the center for some food, coffee and shopping. We got home around 5 or 6 pm, and I spent the next couple hours catching up with Adrienne and my family via Skype which was SO nice. I am totally embracing the siesta culture. Around 7 pm, Anna and I went for a run around our neighborhood. We got a lot of stares and “Ooo guapas, guapas” because it is pretty rare to see people running through the city, at least at that time. We got home just in time for dinner, then spent some time walking around our neighborhood, Estrecho before we got ready to get to bed early go out again.

mi perro :'(
mi perro 😥

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