Times I’ve Cried Abroad (so far)

Times I’ve Cried Abroad (so far):

–       Realizing that I would actually have to take classes here

–       Listening to “The House That Built Me” about 15 times on the 6-hour bus ride

–       Laughing at my roommates puking in plastic bags behind a cathedral

–       Every day when I have to have ham and bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner

–       When I remember the dollar/Euro exchange rate

–       Looking at pictures of Jesus at the Cathedral (Surprise! A serious one)

–       Frustration at planning international travels

–       When I couldn’t stream Pretty Little Liars abroad 😦

–       When I gave up trying to sleep on the bus

–       When my best friend e-mailed me the latest PLL updates, no spoilers! 🙂 

–       When I realized I only have one semester for this incredible experience. 


One thought on “Times I’ve Cried Abroad (so far)

  1. Prior, Richard (POL)

    Easy on the throwing up behind Cathedrals. Remember, this is an educational trip.


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