Spain 2013: No Regrets

iHola friends, family, & followers!

After an eternity of traveling; two plane rides, 4 hours of waiting at JFK, a 6 hour bus ride… I am finally relaxing in my hotel room in Córdoba, Spain. We are 6 hours ahead over here, and surprisingly, I’m feeling ok, despite getting a total of 1.5 hours of shuteye.

My dad and brother dropped me off at the airport, and then I was off on my own! My last U.S. meal was a hamburger and french fries because… ‘merica.

IMG_2628 (1)

After an uneventful 40 minute flight from Boston to JFK, I faced another uneventful 4 hours of waiting until it was check-in time with the group. Luckily, I got to reunite with my freshman roommate who is also studying in Madrid, and we started the congregation of fellow Imperium travelers for SU Abroad at the gate.

My first international flight went well! One of the plane’s radio stations had a One Direction power hour thing going on, and between tears reading the notes from my sister and my friend, I got to figure out the hard way there really is no comfortable way to sleep sitting up. I got served this questionable meal, but at least the cheesecake was decent, and I was proud of myself for conversing with the flight attendant completely in Spanish, which consisted of “agua”, “pollo” and “gracias”. Still, progress.


Customs and passport checks took less time than I expected, and then we were off to see the wizard countryside of Córdoba (which I also realized I have been pronouncing wrong all along…). It reminded me of Denver because of the mountains in the distance, but also a bit like SoCal and Florida all in one, definitely heavy with Spanish influence and fields on fields on fields of the same type of tree, which I think was olives or oranges? Will report back later.

IMG_26386 hours later we arrived at our hotel and got to shower and nap. I’m rooming with my friend Allison and it is going great. We had orientation, then dinner as a group (lots of meat, and still getting used to some of the ways the vegetables are prepared), then me and a couple girls on the trip walked the area around our hotel and shared a couple bottles of really cheap and really sweet wine at Mercado Victoria. I dig it.


Tomorrow the seminar starts for real, and it is going to be 100 degrees F. Even today and tonight there were not many people out, and it was 88 degrees F at 11 pm.  WONDERFUL. I was feeling confident and volunteered to take tomorrow’s lecture in Spanish. We’ll see how that goes, but quick shout out to the Spanish teachers of GHS, both Sra. Gs, for really getting that stuff to stick in my head. Gracias!

Buenas noches!

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