Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Every summer, my dad and I go on a father-daughter hiking trip. This year, we went up to the Franconia Range in the White Mountains in New Hampshire to hike Mt. Lafayette and Mt. Lincoln.

We stepped off at exactly 10:30 am and hiked up the Falling Waters Trail to Little Haystack, and then across the Franconia Ridge Loop, reaching the summits of Mt. Lincoln (5,089 feet) and Mt. Lafayette (5,249 feet). We stopped at the Greenleaf Hut along the Appalachian Trail and then made our descent via the Old Bridle Path, finishing a 9 mile hike in almost exactly 6.5 hours, counting stops for water and lunch.

They don’t call it “Falling Waters Trail” for nothing! (I’m 5’6″)
Panoramic view from the top of Mt. Lincoln. Breathtaking!

Cue my dad singing, “My, legs are on FY-AHH!” to the tune of Alicia Keys. Priceless.

IMG_2374 via Instagram @getat_mel

I’m surely not the most experienced hiker, but I thought this trail was pretty damn intense. The first couple miles of the ascent were almost straight up, with natural “stairs” winding through a tunnel of trees that had my legs burning the entire way. The waterfalls at the beginning were beautiful and I was so tempted to jump right in! We encountered more people and dogs on the trail than I anticipated, but everyone was friendly. There were surprisingly a lot of father-daughter pairs, just like us.

When the trail finally opened up in the “alpine zone”, we had reached the summit! There were a bunch of other people hanging out at the top, and I heard a lot of French accents. While at the base the temperature was around 77 degrees, at the top it was noticeably cooler and you could hear the wind across the mountains. So cool.

Yup, we crossed that peak. (Btw, Burton makes great backpacks)
Panoramic view of the top of Mt. Lafayette (and my dad).
Tradition of summit selfies continues.
8.9 miles of trail total.
We were moving!

Fortunately, my aunt and uncle have a ski condo in North Woodstock, NH, so we were able to crash there and take a hot shower before heading down to the Woodstock Inn for dinner. We split the pulled pork nachos, each got a GIGANTIC lobster roll, and I got a little cup of caramel ice cream to end the day, while still probably definitely having a net loss of calories.

I chugged several cups of water before passing out at 10 pm, and in the morning we grabbed coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and a shirt from Life is Good (one of my favorite stores!) to commemorate the hike before heading home sore, yet satisfied.


I had so much fun with my dad & I can’t wait for our next adventure!

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