I’m Not That Innocent

Day 18: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

Here’s a funny story for y’all:

When I was about 13, my parents got my sister, brother and I a new puppy, Shayla (as seen in previous posts, she’s adorable). One day, my mother and sister went out shopping for the day, leaving me home to babysit my brother and Shay. Like some young puppies when they get used to a regular eating schedule and kibble, my lil pup got sick and threw up a few times. I cleaned up the mess, but continued to call my mother’s cell phone repeatedly, leaving approximately 4 or 5 frantic voicemails. My mother is notorious for not answering her cell phone, so a few hours went by, and the dog calmed down and everything was under control.

About 2 hours later, my brother and I were sitting down watching a movie, and we heard the telephone ring. My brother jumped up to check the caller ID, and sure enough it was my mom’s number. He got that wicked 9 year-old- boy grin on his adorable face and answered like this:

“Herro, dis Tea Gah-den. Can I take your or-dah?”

He had barely hung up the phone when I realized what he was doing and felt a mixture of pride and disbelief that my precious baby brother had been that quick on his feet. He chuckled and as the phone rang again a beat later, he handed it to me with a smirk and said, “Your turn.”

I scolded him fiercely and told my mom the truth got caught up in the clever game we had started and picked up the phone, again answering as if I was working for our favorite Chinese restaurant a town over.

“Herro, dis Tea Gah-den. Can I take your or-dah?”

“Oh, I’m sorry ma’am,” my mother said frantically, “I’m trying to reach my house I must have the wrong number.”

By then my usually good conscience and moral compass should have kicked in, but… Tom and I continued the “game” at least once more each, before it was my turn again, and this time my mom was really hysterical.

I hung up once more, telling my brother that we had had our fun and now the next time she called it would be the truth (Recall I had left 4 or 5 frantic voicemail messages about our brand new puppy getting violently ill all over the house more than 2 hours prior).

The phone rang yet again, and this time it was my dad’s number, so I answered with the usual:

“Hi Daddy”

“Hi sweetie, is everything ok?”

“Yes, the dog was sick earlier but she’s ok now.”

“Oh good. Your mother just called me crying. It seems she’s been trying to reach you guys, but she keeps getting the Tea Garden.”

“Haha! That was me and Tom pretending! Isn’t that funny?”

“You did WHAT?!”


Yeah. So that resulted in my only first experience being grounded. Although it was wildly funny until I felt HORRIBLE about it soon after, years later it is now one of my favorite stories to break out at parties.

[BTW My mom forgave us, God bless her, and the dog was fine.]

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