Drinkin’ Beer And Wastin’ Bullets

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

Freshman year of college, Syracuse. [Read: COLD] – spring break.

While all my friends were off on extravagant getaways to California, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, I found myself in the back of a pickup truck, covered in blankets driving up the highway to God-knows-where New Hampshire.

No, this was not Taken: America Edition. In fact, I was on my way up to Pittsburg, New Hampshire with my best friend from college Taylor and her dad Jim to our spring break destination, a cabin in the woods. After a couple hours and a couple stops at Dunkin’ Donuts, we arrived in a lot and started to unload the snow mobiles. I got a quick tutorial-it’s like a jet ski on snow- and we packed up and hit the trail!


We traveled through miles of trees on snow-covered paths and arrived at “Headquarters,” Jim’s hunting hideaway perfectly secluded, even away from pesky indoor bathrooms!  There was a deer head on the wall and several mouse traps around the perimeter, but details, details…


Taylor, Jim and I spent every day of our spring break long weekend:

  • exploring the local river ways


  • snowmobiling for hours through tiny hiccup towns
  • playing solitaire until we each had a winning record


  • attempting to sneak into Canada


  • betting whether or not we’d see moose [we didn’t]
  • relaxing without the gravitational pull of social media, texting, or knowing the time of day


While the most embarrassing parts of this trip alternate between the way my hair looked after wearing a helmet all day and the video of me shooting a gun on YouTube, I have to say that my first real “Red Neck” excursion would put Honey Boo Boo to shame, and ended up being one of my favorite experiences.

It’s so rare today to get to truly unplug from a world that is so connected, and even more so to get to experience that with such easy-going and generous people. So was it a little embarrassing to admit I had to use an outhouse all weekend while some of my friends were lounging on the beach? Sure. But would I go back and do it again? In a heartbeat.


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