Jump Right In

Day 8: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

Zac Brown Band might be on to something…


I’ve been given a lot of advice over the years. Some great, some good, and some that I probably shouldn’t share or follow ever again. But I will take this opportunity to pass on a little bit of advice that I’ve come to learn and try to live as best I can. Jump Right In.

These three little words can be interpreted in several different ways, and I try to find different ways to embrace them all in all areas of life. “Jump Right In” is about taking risks, trying everything once, and inspiring others to lead or follow with equal passion. Whether it’s trying the black bean vegan brownies, diving headfirst [figuratively] into a mountain stream [literally], or going out of your way to get to know new friends, one shouldn’t let fear stand in the way.

You sometimes learn the most from the people most unlike you, and the older I get (pushing 21) the more I come to appreciate that I have friends from all over the world who inspire me everyday to think outside the box and step outside my comfort zone a little at a time.

The best advice I can give right now is to get off your high horse, get out of your own way, and don’t be afraid to make yourself uncomfortable- after all, that’s the only way you’ll ever grow.


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