Princeples of Success: Matt Prince of the Walt Disney Company on Personal Branding

“You have the rest of your life to work. Postpone growing up as long as you can” – Matt Prince, Social Media Manager of the Walt Disney Company

Being a member of Syracuse University’s W. P. Ehling Chapter of PRSSA has its perks, and sharing free Jimmy John’s while chatting with the social media manager of Disney Matt Prince on a [rare] sunny afternoon in Syracuse, NY is certainly one of them.

Prince came to town all the way from Southern California to share his knowledge about personal branding and gave some insight about the “Princeples” of brand management. Named one of the Top 40 Professionals Under 40 by OC Metro Magazine in 2011, Prince has certainly earned his crown, and did so all before the age of 26. Whether it is founding his own creative agency, launching two successful blogs read in over 100 countries, leading the communications department for one of the most influential business organizations in California, or serving as an executive speech writer for one of the most famous brands in the world, Prince is dedicated to maintaining a favorable work-life balance, and “working smarter” instead of overworking himself and burning out too quickly.


Here’s what Mr. Prince had to say:

about success: “The definition of success changes as you get older. The jobs you will have in 5 years don’t exist yet.”

about life: Travel and see the world and maintain a good work-life balance.

about personal branding: Be consistent! There is only one you.

about working smarter: Be strategic. Use apps to help manage your busy schedule like Tweetbot, Tempo, and Pocket.

about Klout: It hasn’t hit its full potential yet, but use it as a personal gauge of your social media influence.

about mentorship: “Find a few different people you can learn from and follow them around like a dog, soaking up all the information you can. It’s very valuable to have a mentor, then give back to others.”

about blogs: Having a blog is valuable if it is done well! 
Find a topic that interests you and go with it. 
Experience writing about what you love makes it easier to write about the things you don’t
. Personal blogs are also great to showcase your writing.

about internships: Get experience in different sectors. 
Learn from all of it, and it will help you realize your interests and what you want to do for the rest of your life. You may be young, but age is just a number. It has no effect on your maturity or your experiences.

about your résumé: “I look for quality writing and overachievers. Tailor your résumé for your audience. You should have 10 different résumés for 10 different jobs. Include the words from the job description in your résumé because I am the one that wrote it. Go in-depth about what you did in your internships. It all depends on how you package your experiences.”


Special thanks to Matt Prince and SU PRSSA!

2 thoughts on “Princeples of Success: Matt Prince of the Walt Disney Company on Personal Branding

  1. amyemschmitz

    Nice work, Melanie. I like the photo. And I like his advice to travel a lot and see the world! You’re already off to a good start on that one! 🙂 Thanks for keeping your blog up.

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