Blogs on Blogs on Blogs

Her Campus: A Collegiette’s Guide to Life


WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It’s relevant

Her Campus makes being healthy and working hard look cool. This site provides a forum for young women to consult and contribute useful and easy to follow advice. And what’s the best part? Young female college journalists write all the articles, even referencing a Real Live College Guy to add some insight. Her Campus. Making good PR look great since 2009.

 All Women Stalk


WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It’s expansive and concise…how?

    • Newsfeed-esque format for easy scanning
    • Colorful visuals & bulleted lists keep your attention
    • 26 Blogs about home, skincare, movies, wedding, and travel, oh my!
  • All Women Stalk is a website that combines a range of topics in a simple layout. Forget paragraphs and pages of text, this blog has everything broken down into the “top” of everything from “10 Long Lasting Celebrity Marriages” to “10 Things You Should Buy From the Dollar Store.” Great for women of all ages, just ask any of the 5 million+ monthly readers all over the world.

NYC PR Girls


WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It’s PRofessionally aPRopriate (see what I did there)

  • Managed by real NYC PR pros Adrianna and Meg
  • Gives real-life relatable advice
  • Tailored to PR interests

NYC PR Girls is managed by two young women living in New York City immersed in the public relations world and sharing tips like “PR Girl Texting Don’ts” and “PR Girl PRowess: Juggling Multiple Events.” As a young woman living in New York (Syracuse shout out) studying public relations, this blog presents the perfect combination of forecasting a (anticipated) future career as well as providing a uniquely personal perspective on the glamorous world of NYC PR.

Know any other great blogs you want to share?

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