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Her Campus: A Collegiette’s Guide to Life


WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It’s relevant

Her Campus makes being healthy and working hard look cool. This site provides a forum for young women to consult and contribute useful and easy to follow advice. And what’s the best part? Young female college journalists write all the articles, even referencing a Real Live College Guy to add some insight. Her Campus. Making good PR look great since 2009.

 All Women Stalk


WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It’s expansive and concise…how?

    • Newsfeed-esque format for easy scanning
    • Colorful visuals & bulleted lists keep your attention
    • 26 Blogs about home, skincare, movies, wedding, and travel, oh my!
  • All Women Stalk is a website that combines a range of topics in a simple layout. Forget paragraphs and pages of text, this blog has everything broken down into the “top” of everything from “10 Long Lasting Celebrity Marriages” to “10 Things You Should Buy From the Dollar Store.” Great for women of all ages, just ask any of the 5 million+ monthly readers all over the world.

NYC PR Girls


WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It’s PRofessionally aPRopriate (see what I did there)

  • Managed by real NYC PR pros Adrianna and Meg
  • Gives real-life relatable advice
  • Tailored to PR interests

NYC PR Girls is managed by two young women living in New York City immersed in the public relations world and sharing tips like “PR Girl Texting Don’ts” and “PR Girl PRowess: Juggling Multiple Events.” As a young woman living in New York (Syracuse shout out) studying public relations, this blog presents the perfect combination of forecasting a (anticipated) future career as well as providing a uniquely personal perspective on the glamorous world of NYC PR.

Know any other great blogs you want to share?


Starbucks Argentina Crisis

I love Starbucks as much as anyone, but check out how they handled this pr crisis… #oops



I love Starbucks just as much as the next person, but sometimes you have to admit when a company messes up. Last July, Starbucks Argentina sent an apology Tweet for using blank “national cups and sleeves” instead of the usual imported cups bearing the Starbucks logo, causing controversy for customers all across the Twittersphere.

Although meant as a good PR move to maintain transparency and honesty by Starbucks, the Tweet caused Argentines to take offense to the fact that Starbucks felt the need to apologize for using locally made products, especially in a country with such significant national pride. It escalated to a trending topic (#weapologize) in a matter of hours, but did ultimately prompt an apology post on the Starbucks Argentina Facebook page.

For a such a global and socially aware company, Starbucks’ mistake could not have come at a worse time – just as the company planned a 300-store expansion into Latin America by 2015. However, the public relations lesson this case teaches is that even if you are trying to be transparent and maintain good relationships with your publics, you should always be knowledgeable and conscious of the particular public you are communicating with.

Since Starbucks took the time to operate an exclusively Argentine Twitter account and Facebook page, it should have also been aware of the characteristics of the nation involved, in this case, very high patriotism. In addition, apologies or addresses to incidents that cause trending topics should be handled much sooner than 8 hours, as was the case with Starbucks. After all, everyone makes mistakes, it’s just all about how you react, recover, and rethink next time you post. Now will someone bring me a vanilla spice latte?!

10 Things to Do Before Graduation

I am now a contributing writer for the Syracuse chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America!

Think you’ve done all there is to do at SU? Check out my latest blog post “10 Things to Do Before Graduation” to make sure you’ve hit them all.


It doesn’t matter if you’re graduating in 3 months or 3 years, you should always be filling your time here at SU with new adventures. Take a break from your normal routine and try out some of these things if you haven’t already! Be sure to post pictures and share stories about your experiences on Facebook (, Twitter (@SUPRSSA) and Instagram.

1.    Get off campus!

Visit picturesque Skaneateles during the winter holidays, go swimming at Green Lakes State Park, hike through the Ithaca gorges, or go whitewater rafting through SU Recreation Services.

2.    Rise to the challenge!

  • Complete the beer tour at Faegan’s and get your name on a plaque.
  • The next day, attempt the “Frittata Challenge” at Mother’s Cupboard and get a free t-shirt.

3.    Study abroad.

Whether it’s across the country or across the world, plan early to travel abroad. SU Abroad offers packages for whole semesters and summer breaks.

4.    Go sledding down the Crouse stairs.

Take a break from studying and relive your childhood!

5.    Try every restaurant on Marshall Street.

Sure Chipotle and Bleu Monkey might be your favorites, but have you ever tried the hot tomato oil at Syra-Juice?

6.    Camp out for a Syracuse basketball game.

It might be cold at first, but seeing Jim Boeheim and the rest of the Orange play up close and personal will warm you right up.

7.    Visit the New York State Fair.

Check the schedule over the summer for tickets to big-name concerts and some unique CNY experiences.

8.    Take a class outside your major.

Who said finance majors couldn’t take horseback riding?

9.    Attend a guest speaker lecture.

Well-known alumni and professionals of all disciplines come speak on campus all the time. Take an hour or two to listen and learn from their experiences.

10. Get an internship!

Actually read all those listservs for once and apply for an internship! Take a chance, and consult career centers on campus if you need advice.

How many have you done?

Entrepreneur. Leader. CEO. Blogger?

Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Companies made his success by being assertive, sharing his ideas, and ultimately putting them into action. Branson keeps his own personal blog on the Virgin website and updates it twice a day almost daily. His most recent posts include announcing the sweepstakes winners of #DontForgetYourValentine, sharing inspirational stories for “romantics everywhere”, remembering the Bounty, and even highlighting certain stories from Necker Meets Oxford, one of Virgin Unite’s leadership gatherings focused on uniting some of the world’s most promising entrepreneurs to collaborate on “Solutions for the Future of People and Planet” where this year’s focus included the challenge of feeding a planet of 10 billion people by 2050. 


While it’s exciting to read about events related to the Virgin Companies from the perspective of the CEO, other communications on the company website also highlight: 

  • News
  • Job offers
  • Live Tweets and links to other social channels
  • Featured Virgin companies
  • Links to submit original ideas

The content on the website is broken down into multiple layers with a flashy layout and easy-to-use design. Something unique about the Virgin page is that almost every one of those layers includes some type of blogging option, whether it is from an internal source or a way to incorporate social media users, other artists, and even aspiring entrepreneurs into the mix. The Virgin Company in general seems to have a very high dependence and appreciation for shared content, which is one of the reasons it is so successful- consumers feel welcome and like their ideas count while they join in on the fun.


Should a CEO have a personal blog?


  • Improves transparency and relatability
  • Still most likely edited by a PR person
  • Branson asks questions, gets people involved
  • More personal, like talking to a friend or peer
  • Interesting and easy to follow


  • CEO might post unedited things
  • If uninteresting or offensive, it’s bad for company image
  • Could distract from the company message
  • Potential for personal attacks about company
  • Difficult to maintain with busy schedule

Personally, I would like to see a CEO blog for his or her company on the website. It’s like getting a pep talk from the team captain, and allows you to have a bit more of a personal connection to someone in the company, giving you a clear outlet to respond to with either praise or complaints.

What do you think?


Throughout PRL 215, we have been talking about how important it is to maintain good relationships with your public, especially through social media. For example, tweeting back at someone, following someone back, or favoriting tweets that someone sends pertaining to your brand. I have tweeted at some of my favorite brands, and have even been lucky to get a  few responses! It only takes a second to respond to a tweet, and I appreciate these brands so much more and it means a lot.





Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 6.10.21 PM

Cafe Kubal


Solo Cup


Newhouse (!!!) 


Total Sorority Move


As a public relations practitioner with so much emphasis on social media these days, having a competitive advantage of a strong, consistent social media presence puts certain companies above others.