Blogs on Blogs on Blogs

Her Campus: A Collegiette’s Guide to Life WHY IT’S GOOD PR: It's relevant 200+ personalized campus chapters Style, Health, Love, & Life tips such as 9 Ways to Have a Less Stressful Semester Internship and Career how-to’s including How She Got There stories Her Campus makes being healthy and working hard look cool. This site provides …

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Starbucks Argentina Crisis

I love Starbucks as much as anyone, but check out how they handled this pr crisis... #oops   I love Starbucks just as much as the next person, but sometimes you have to admit when a company messes up. Last July, Starbucks Argentina sent an apology Tweet for using blank “national cups and sleeves” instead of the usual …

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Entrepreneur. Leader. CEO. Blogger?

Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Companies made his success by being assertive, sharing his ideas, and ultimately putting them into action. Branson keeps his own personal blog on the Virgin website and updates it twice a day almost daily. His most recent posts include announcing the sweepstakes winners of #DontForgetYourValentine, sharing inspirational stories for …

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